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See all that Quantic Dream's latest adventure Detroit: Become Human has to offer with our guide to all choices, chapters, endings, and more.


It's been several years since gamers last got their hands on a Quantic Dream release, and that's because the developer has been hard at work on its latest narrative adventure, this time set in a not-too-distant future where humans are constantly at odds with androids. Like other studio releases before it, Detroit: Become Human is a game that puts players in control of a deep and complicated narrative where each decision has an impact on the story.

We're going to get this out of the way now — almost everything there is to say about Detroit: Become Human can be construed as a spoiler. Seemingly insignificant things like finding or not finding an object can have a major impact on the story somewhere down the line, which means it's very difficult to discuss even minor details without a broader discussion of their ultimate effects. This guide hub is entirely spoiler-free, but be on the lookout for the above spoiler alert image in every guide where spoilers can be either potential or abundant. As always, reader discretion is advised.

Detroit: Become Human Chapters, 100% Completions, and Endings

For convenience, we've numbered each of the different chapters in Detroit: Become Human below. However, players won't necessarily see each and every chapter during their runs through the game, as different decisions made at various branch points can affect everything from what objects and paths are available in one chapter all the way down to who lives or dies in another.

As such, players may find themselves skipping around between these guides in an attempt to find more details concerning the chapters they're presented with. Don't worry, though — if there's ever an action or decision that affects the outcome of a chapter in a major way, we'll point it out and provide information on where, when, and what decision to make in order to go down a different path.

Chapter 01 - The Hostage
The prologue chapter of Detroit: Become Human serves as training for the game's main mechanics and controls as well as an introduction to the android protagonist Connor.

Chapter 02 - Opening
The chapter called Opening works as another opening to the game, this time serving as an introduction for Kara.

Chapter 03 - Shades of Color
The third chapter jumps into the shoes of Markus and gives players their first detailed look into the political climate surrounding the relationship between humans and androids.

Chapter 04 - A New Home
The chapter called A New Home introduces follows Kara as she goes about her standard android cleaning duties. This chapter also introduces Alice and gives players a few crucial choices that will affect later paths.

Chapter 05 - The Painter
The Painter follows along as Markus and his owner Carl pontificate about the future.

Chapter 06 - Partners
The chapter known as Partners sees Connor and Lt. Anderson help solve a crime, giving players a chance to make their first decisions that will have a major affect on the game's overall narrative.

Chapter 07 - Stormy Night
Stormy Night is where players will come to understand the gravity of their decisions, following along as Kara and Alice deal with the problematic whims of Todd.

Chapter 08 - Broken
Broken is a fairly quick chapter with only two separate endings, each of which having a distinct affect on Markus' storyline.

Chapter 09 - The Interrogation
The Interrogation is a follow-up to the chapter Partners, where Connor uses his detective skills to learn some new information.

Chapter 10 - Fugitives
Fugitives follows along with Kara and Alice as they search for a temporary place to rest.

Chapter 11 - From the Dead
From the Dead sees Markus making a couple of decisions before finding a way out of his situation.

Chapter 12 - Waiting For Hank
Waiting For Hank follows along with Connor as he and Hank tool around the police station looking for new leads.

Chapter 13 - On The Run
In the chapter On The Run, Kara and Alice attempt to make their escape while Connor and Hank continue their investigation.

Chapter 14 - Jericho
The chapter Jericho follows along as Markus looks at graffiti and searches for the area known as Jericho.

Chapter 15 - The Nest
In The Nest, Connor and Hank have a little chat before searching for an android suspect that ultimately makes a run for it.

Chapter 16 - Time To Decide
Following up on the events of Jericho, Time To Decide sees Markus and his new android companions discuss some possible plans of action.

Detroit: Become Human walkthrough all endings

Chapter 17 - Zlatko
The chapter Zlatko sees Kara and Alice once again dealing with the whims of a violent and particularly unsavory man.

Chapter 18 - Russian Roulette
Russion Roulette sees Connor heading over to Hank's house before stumbling upon a few interesting bits of information about his partner.

Chapter 19 - Spare Parts
In Spare Parts, Markus and the crew head to the Cyberlife building with a mission in mind.

Chapter 20 - The Eden Club
The Eden Club sees Hank and Connor heading over to the namesake club in order to track down their suspect.

Chapter 21 - The Pirate's Cove
The Pirate's Cove follows along as Kara and Alice encounter difficulties with their car before a surprise visit from a curious group of androids.

Chapter 22 - The Bridge
Things get a little tense between Connor and Hank when the two share a conversation outside the iconic Ambassador Bridge.

Chapter 23 - The Stratford Tower
The chapter titled The Stratford Tower sees Markus and allies climbing to new heights as part of the group's master plan.

Chapter 24 - Public Enemy
Following up on the aftermath of The Stratford Tower, Hank and Connor head to the building to investigate the attack.

Chapter 25 - Midnight Train
The chapter Midnight Train sees Kara, Alice, and a group of androids hide in Rose's house following a surprise visit from a policeman.

Chapter 26 - Capitol Park
Capitol Park follows along as Markus and his crew decide upon what sort of message they want to send to the world.

Chapter 27 - Meet Kamski
In Meet Kamski, Connor and Hank have a tense meeting with the creator of the androids.

Chapter 28 - Freedom March
Past decisions coalesce in the action-packed chapter Freedom March where Markus and his allies are met with considerable police resistance.

Chapter 29 - Last Chance, Connor
Last Chance, Connor provides players with one final opportunity for Connor to uncover the location of Jericho and continue his investigation.

Chapter 30 - Crossroads
All three characters' fates intertwine at Jericho in the appropriately titled chapter called Crossroads.

Chapter 31 - Night of the Soul
A brief intermission between Crossroads and Battle for Detroit, Night of the Soul gives Markus some time to reflect on his journey and make a critical decision.

Chapter 32 - Battle for Detroit
Every story branch reaches its inevitable conclusion in Battle for Detroit, the final chapter of Detroit: Become Human.

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