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Crossroads - Detroit: Become Human

Learn about the multitude of actions and endings in our guide to all Detroit: Become Human Crossroads endings.


This part of our Detroit: Become Human walkthrough concerns itself with the chapter titled Crossroads. As the name implies, this part of the story contains major decisions and branching points for each of the game's main characters. The adventure is coming to a close, but there are still two chapters left, assuming players can survive the events of Crossroads and reach all each character's good ending.

Chapter 30: Crossroads | Detroit: Become Human

Aside from the game's finale, Crossroads is the biggest chapter in Detroit: Become Human. This guide will directly address a churnk of the story that could easily spell an end to any of the three protagonists. Consider this your spoiler warning: Major plot points for the game are about to be revealed. Reader discretion is advised.

Detroit Become Human Crossroads all endings

Crossroads is the first of two chapters in Detroit: Become Human to tell a story from the perspective of all three main characters. As such, this chapter has three separate and distinct paths: One for Markus, one for Connor, and one for Kara. As expected, each character's part of the tale comes with its own unique set of endings, which this guide will spell out for you.

Beyond all this, and because of the immense complexity of this chapter, providing a text flowchart would prove to be far more complicated than with previous guides in our walkthrough. To provide a simpler solution, this guide will focus on the specific paths needed to reach each ending for all three characters.

Crossroads | All Markus Endings

Detroit: Become Human Crossroads - All Markus endings

There are six different endings for Markus in Crossroads. The "good" ending, in this case the one where Markus stays alive, is earned if players successfully neutralize or evade the soldiers and make the jump near the end of the chapter.

Markus Stayed Alone with His Thoughts

If Connor failed and was decommissioned during the events of Last Chance, Connor, he won't be around to serve as the catalyst for Markus' storyline in Crossroads. Instead, Markus will simply hang out by himself.

Markus Left Jericho

This ending can only be unlocked if players have reached the "Unpopular" status with the members of Jericho. For that, players need to bring down their reputation through actions in previous chapters. Assuming that prerequisite is filled, this ending can be unlocked if Markus gets ousted during the counsel, and if given the option then chooses to leave forever after Jericho falls under attack.

Connor Killed Markus

Once Markus reaches the Hold, if Connor interrupts and the player fails to reach the gun in time, Connor with shoot and kill Markus.

  1. In the hold with Markus
  2. Enter old engine room
  3. Connor interrupts and Markus pushes him aside
  4. Fail to reach the gun
  5. Connor shoots Markus
  6. Connor killed Markus

Markus Killed and Most of Jericho Captured

If players fail to deal with the threatening soldiers and get shot, or if they fail to neutralize the interrupting soldiers, Markus will get shot and killed, and most of the androids of Jericho will be captured.

This ending can occur if players:

  • Turn the wrong way or run out of time after meeting the team but before meeting Lucy.
  • Miss the timer while given the option to jump the soldiers during the initial escape.
  • Fail to neutralize the soldiers or gain the upper hand after making it to the well.
  • Fail to neutralize the interrupting soldiers after reaching the old engine room.

    Markus Died Buying Time for Jericho

    Near the end of Markus' part of the chapter, if Markus gets shot while trying to escape, he will die, but he'll buy enough time for North, Josh, Simon, and any other androids to make their escape.

    1. In the corridor with Markus
    2. Try to escape
    3. Markus gets shot
    4. North escapes
    5. Markus died buying time for Jericho

    Markus Fled with His People

    If players manage to successfully deal with all of the incoming aggressors at every possible point in Markus' part of this chapter, Markus will jump, and the good ending will be unlocked. Who jumps along with him will depend on the events of past chapters as well as this one, as players will have the opportunity to save North if she gets shot during their escape.

    1. In the corridor with Markus
    2. Try to escape
    3. North is shot
    4. Choose/Save North
    5. Markus jumps
    6. Markus fled with his people

    Crossroads | All Connor Endings

    Detroit: Become Human Crossroads - All Connor endings

    In Crossroads, Connor is given one final choice to remain a machine or become a deviant. Two of the three available endings in his chapter result in Connor being destroyed, while the final sees him escape with the rest of Jericho's people.

    Machine Connor Was Destroyed

    In any instance, if Connor chooses to become a machine, he will be destroyed. With that said, it's possible to die at three distinct points:

    • Attack and fail to neutralize or decide to run away from the soldier who confronts Connor in the cargo hall.
    • Interrupt and be pushed by Markus during the pursuit.
      • If Connor reaches the gun before Markus, the Connor Killed Markus event will unlock.
      • If Markus reaches the gun first, Connor gets shot and killed, and Cyberlife will send a new Connor.
    • Find Josh and spot North following the corridor confrontation. This path always ends with the soldier killing Connor.

    Deviant Connor Was Destroyed On The Ship

    After joining the other deviants and making for the hold, Connor has a high chance of being killed in various circumstances. These include:

    • Going the wrong way or running out of time before meeting with Lucy. A soldier will shoot Connor.
    • Getting shot by the soldiers who threaten the group of androids after the bridge collapses.
      • Note that it is possible for Connor to only get wounded by the shot and escape into the next corridor.
    • Failing to neutralize the soldiers who interrupt Connor after reaching the control room.
    • Running out of time after making an escape from the corridor. North will jump first, and Connor will be destroyed.
    • Failing to help Markus after rejoining the group.

    Connor Escaped With Jericho's People

    Connor's good ending only unlocks through the deviant path. Connor must make it past all the confrontations with the soldiers and rejoin the group. If players choose to help Markus, he'll jump with the others and escape. Alternatively, Connor can choose to jump before North during the escape, and both Simon and North will follow suit.

    Crossroads | All Kara Endings

    Detroit: Become Human Crossroads - All Kara endings

    Kara's path in Crossroads can result in one of seven different endings. Remarkably, four of those endings are peaceful or otherwise non-fatal, with Kara, Alice, and potentially even Luther leaving Jericho alive.

    Kara, Alice, and Luther Left Jericho

    If Luther is still alive and Connor never finds Jericho, it's possible for Kara, Alice, and Luther to simply leave Jericho shortly after arriving.

    Kara and Alice Left Jericho

    Like the ending above, and assuming Connor never found the place, Kara and Alice can leave Jericho shortly after they arrive.

    Kara Left Jericho Alone

    This ending can only be unlocked if Kara has a bad reputation with Alice. After meeting with Markus or North:

    • Go back to Alice
    • Join Alice
    • Stay distant
    • Run Away
    • Kara left Jericho alone

    Kara, Alice, and Luther Captured

    Assuming Luther is alive before the start of the chapter, it's possible that he, Kara, and Alice can be captured after arriving at Jericho if players fail to find an exit or run out of time after being confronted in the corridor.

    Kara and Alice Captured

    Like the ending above, Kara and Alice can be captured under the same conditions, even if Luther isn't present during the chapter. However, this ending can also trigger if players:

    • Fail the quick-time event with the soldier after the android seeking shelter gets shot.
    • Choose to attack the soldiers after Kara gets shot.
    • Choose to surrender to the soldiers, regardless of whether or not Kara gets shot.

    Kara and Alice died in the Assault

    This ending unlocks if players choose to defend Alice after running from the soldiers. Kara will always get shot if she tries to run, but this specific choice will result in both Kara and Alice being killed.

    Kara and Alice escaped Jericho

    Kara's good ending for this chapter can be only be earned if Kara and Alice play dead after being confronted by the soldiers. After choosing the option to remain still, Kara and Alice will escape Jericho with their lives intact.

    With the madness and complexity of Crossroads now complete, the next stop is the chapter titled Night of the Soul. The game is nearing its conclusion, so learn more about the various actions, events, and endings with our Detroit: Become Human 100 percent walkthrough and guide.

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