Super Metroid Returns at Summer Games Done Quick 2018 (But Not As the Main Event)

It wouldn't be Summer Games Done Quick without Super Metroid, but viewers won't have to wait as long as usual to find out if the folks at GDQ are saving or killing the animals.


Games Done Quick is returning for its second week of speedrunning for charity at the end of June. And with Summer Games Done Quick two weeks away, the folks at GDQ have released the full schedule.

Earlier this year, Awesome Games Done Quick made headlines by being the first GDQ since the event's inception to not run Super Metroid, mainly due to some of the issues that have plagued the more recent Super Metroid runs. For Summer Games Done Quick, Super Metroid returns, albeit not as the main attraction that it's been in the past. Super Metroid will be run on Tuesday evening as part of a full block of Metroid games:

Time (All Times PT)GameRunRunner(s)Target Time
4:34 PM Metroid: Zero Mission 100% Normal Race - GBA samthedigital, Dragonfangs, john_unfil, CScottyW 1:20:00
6:04 PM Metroid: Samus Returns Any% - 3DS Mr_Shasta 1:55:00
8:09 PM Super Metroid 100% Map Completion - SNES oatsngoats 1:25:00

Runner oatsngoats will be making the Super Metroid run, offering him a chance at redemption for past GDQ events. He was last seen at last year's Summer Games Done Quick, sadly dying at the 11:34 mark and leaving him unable to complete the run.

The Saturday main events will center around an afternoon 3v3 Super Mario Maker blind level race, a "Bingo" run of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (for information on what a "Bingo" run is, we visit Speed Runs Live), and a marathon glitchless any% run of Final Fantasy VI.

Other noteworthy runs include Friday night runs of Dark Souls (all bosses) and Divinity: Original Sin II, an old-school Mario block on Thursday night, and Celeste and Cuphead (the latter run by The Mexican Runner, who we've previously chatted with regarding his Cuphead records) on Wednesday. One major omission is Super Mario Odyssey, so it looks like those hoping for Mario's latest journey will have to wait until January to see that.

Summer Games Done Quick will run from June 24 through July 1 from Bloomington, MN. This year's event will raise money for Doctors Without Borders. For the full schedule, visit the Games Done Quick website.

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