Super Metroid Will Not Be Run at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018

Games Done Quick has released the list for January's Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 lineup. There are several highlights to be found, but there's also one controversial omission. This will be the first time in the event's history that Super Metroid will not be run.

Since the charity speedrunning event's inception back in 2010 with Classic Games Done Quick, Super Metroid has made an appearance in some capacity. It would often be played on the final day in some variation, with Games Done Quick taking donation incentives on whether the runners would "save" or "kill" the animals. This is in reference to the final "Escape from Zebes" sequence, in which Samus can take a quick detour to release the world's wildlife from captivity and allow them to flee the exploding planet. Both sides of the incentive would often go neck-and-neck each year.

The trouble with Super Metroid in recent years is that speedrunners have had a tendency to die in mid-run. Because saving takes up precious time, speedrunners don't hit any save points, meaning if they die halfway through the run, there isn't enough time to start over. One example came just a few months ago at Summer Games Done Quick, where runners oatsngoats and Overfiendvip both died at about the half-hour mark, with zoast nearly dying himself at several points, at which point the "Save/Kill the Animals" incentive would have never gotten to play out.

Having had several close calls in recent years, it looks like Games Done Quick is erring on the side of caution this year and will not run the game at all at AGDQ2018. Some thought it was an oversight, but it looks like the organization itself has confirmed that this was no mistake.

And as one would expect, Twitter users are expressing disappointment.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 is set to run from January 7-14 from Herndon, VA and will raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. To get a look of the games that did make the cut, check out the Games Done Quick website.

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