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The ever-evolving saga of Kratos, the Spartan warrior turned slayer of the gods, continues in the latest PS4 outing God of War. Much like the Ghost of Sparta's many foes, this is a game with a lot of meat on its bones, offering dozens of hours of gameplay, various hidden secrets, collectible artifacts, chests, shrines, and more. Tracking down all there is to see in the latest series entry won't be a simple task, so we've put together this collection of guides and walkthroughs to help those who want to get the most out of their God of War experience.

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Shacknews' Complete God of War Campaign Walkthrough
Collectibles, Chambers, Ciphers, Shrines, and More
Treasure Maps and Solutions
God of War How-To Guides
Bonus Features, Background Information, Trophies, and More

God of War Complete Campaign Walkthrough

With a game as focused and challenging as God of War, we understand that players may need help on a mission every so often. With that said, we also know that the true heart of God of War rests within the game's story and characters. As such, we've made every effort to keep our walkthrough as spoiler-free as possible. Read along in confidence and security as we dive through each and every compaign quest in God of War.

Part 01 - The Marked Trees
The first part of the God of War main campaign offers a prologue of sorts, guiding players through the game's mechanics before building into the rest of the story. 

Part 02 - Path to the Mountain
Kratos and Atreus take to the mountain in the second part of our God of War walkthrough, which leads players through tunnels and ruins and into the dangerous cliffs beyond.

Part 03 - A Realm Beyond
The third installment of our God of War walkthrough concerns itself with the discovery of a new way to travel.

Part 04 - The Light of Alfheim
Our fourth God of War walkthrough installment sees Kratos and Atreus solving a series of puzzles and taking on a new gameplay mechanic. 

Part 05 - Inside the Mountain
The fifth part of our God of War walkthrough follows along as Kratos and son work their way through old mountain ruins to reach The Summit.

Part 06 - A New Destination
Our walkthrough for the sixth God of War quest A New Destination provides respite from battles via light exploration and a set of archery-focused puzzles.

Part 07 - The Magic Chisel
The seventh part of our God of War walkthrough finds the game opening up with a lengthy mission culminating in a difficult boss encounter.

Part 08 - Behind the Lock
The eighth chapter of our God of War walkthough gives Kratos a chance to try out his new chisel and track down some rare items before he and Atreus encounter a surprise visitor.

Part 09 - The Sickness
The God of War walkthrough continues with part nine of our coverage, following Kratos as he breaks out relics from the past and sets off to Helheim in search of a powerful remedy.

Part 10 - The Black Rune
Part ten of our God of War walkthrough follows along as Kratos and son dive into the depths of Tyr's vault in an effort to find the namesake Black Rune.

Part 11 - Return to the Summit
The eleventh chapter of our God of War coverage sees Kratos and Atreus make way toward the mountain summit in order to find the path to a new realm.

Part 12 - Escape from Helheim
The twelfth entry to our God of War walkthrough continues the adventure as Kratos and Atreus make their escape from Helheim before stumbling upon a clue hidden within a secret chamber.

Part 13 - A Path to Jotunheim
The thirteenth installment of our God of War walkthrough follows along as Atreus and Kratos think outside the box and discover a rare hidden artifact.

Part 14 - Between the Realms
The God of War walkthrough continues with the fourteenth part of our coverage, which sees Kratos and son dive into uncharted territory before being thrown into a difficult series of battles.

Part 15 - Jotunheim in Reach
The fifteenth chapter of our God of War walkthrough follows as Kratos and Atreus seek out a lost item only to face off with a powerful foe.

Part 16 - Mother's Ashes
The penultimate chapter of our God of War coverage sees Atreus and Kratos climb to the mountain peak within Jotunheim to fulfill a past promise.

Part 17 - The Journey Home
The final part of our God of War walkthrough watches as Kratos and Atreus make their return home.

Collectibles, Chambers, Ciphers, and Shrines in God of War

There are plenty of hidden chambers, shrines, and other treasures littered about the world of God of War. Tracking them down requires patience and persistence, but we've provided some backup in case players get stumped on a particular location or item.

All Artifact Locations
There are dozens of artifacts to find in God of War, and for every one one that Kratos collects, he receives XP to spend on skill upgrades and armor improvements. Once all have been found, they can be sold to Brok or Sindri for an impressive sum of Hacksilver.

All Nornir Chests
Nornir chests offer untold riches to those who would seek them out and unlock them. Each Nornir chest can be opened by interacting with three runes in the environment. Sometimes Kratos will have to destroy them, sometimes ring bells, orient them correctly, or even select the matching runes.

All Legendary Chest Locations
Legendary Chests are hidden all across Midgard, Alfheim, and Helheim, and we know just where to find them.

All Jotnar Shrines
Jotnar shrines offer a look into the history of the realm Kratos and Atreus live in. These Jotnar shrines are initially easy to find, but a few of them are tucked away in difficult areas of the game.

All Hidden Chambers
Gamers who want to test their might against the most powerful foes possible would do well to unlock all of Odin's Hidden Chambers in God of War.

All Realm Tears 
Finding all the realm tears in God of War is an excellent way to increase Kratos' power and test how strong he's become. They're also worth finding for those who want to check everything off the in-game to-do list.

Where to Find All Muspelheim Ciphers
Players who can track down the four Muspelheim ciphers will be able to gain access to the secret challenge realm in God of War.

Where to Find All Niflheim Ciphers
Kratos needs some powerful armor, and he can find the best by tracking down all ciphers needed to get into the realm known as Niflheim.

All Eyes of Odin Raven Locations
God of War players who want to give Odin the business and earn the game's platinum trophy will need to track down and eliminate all 51 Eyes of Odin ravens.

Where to Find the Missing Dragon Tear
Finding the first two dragon tears in God of War is fairly straightforward, but the third can be a real head scratcher. Luckily, we know where to find it.

God of War Treasure Maps and Solutions

Treasure Maps in God of War provide players with a chance to score some rare items and crafting materials, assuming they're prepared to solve a riddle and seek out the treasure for themselves. There are 12 total treasure maps that can be found in the game, and we plan to comb through all of them in the coming days.

Creation Island Treasure Map Location and Solution
The Creation Island treasure map leads Kratos and Atreus to rewards buried as a tribute to Buri.

Dead and Bloated Treasure Map Location and Solution
The Dead and Bloated treasure map points father and son toward treasure hidden within the Cliffs of the Raven.

Don't Blink Treasure Map Location and Solution
The Don't Blink treasure map centers around treasure buried near the giant face on The Mountain.

Finder's Fee Treasure Map Location and Solution
The Finder's Fee treasure map alludes to treasure hidden in a tower perch within the confines of the Northri Stronghold.

Hunter's Kingdom Treasure Map Location and Solution
The God of War treasure map Hunter's Kingdom points Kratos and son toward treasure hidden beyond the southern shore of Veithurgard.

Island of Light Treasure Map Location and Solution
The Island of Light treasure map sees Kratos seeking out treasure buried on an island off the northern shore of the Lake of the Nine.

Kneel Before Thor Treasure Map and Solution
The Kneel Before Thor treasure map leads the crew south of the Lake of the Nine to loot hidden at Muspelheim tower.

Njord's Oarsmen Treasure Map Location and Solution
The Njor's Oarsmen treasure map leads to rewards buried near the Council of the Valkyries.

The Boat Captain's Key Treasure Map Location and Solution
The Boat Captain's Key treasure map tasks the hero with seeking out the captain's ship at the Isle of Death.

The Historian Treasure Map Location and Solution
The Historian treasure map leads Kratos and son to a stash buried near the outer edges of Fafnir's Storeroom.

The Last Place They'd Look Treasure Map Location and Solution
The Last Place They'd Look treasure map in God of War points Kratos toward the ruins of the Council of the Valkyries.

The Turtle's Tribute Treasure Map Location and Solution
The Turtle's Tribute treasure map reward can be found near the giant turtle tree looming within The River Pass.

Miscellaneous God of War How-To Guides

God of War Review: Growing Up, Kratos
Shacknews' own Ozzie Mejia dives into the waters of Kratos' latest outing to see if the newest God of War adventure stands up to the series' tall reputation.

How to Open Hidden Chambers
Like many other aspects of the game, opening Hidden Chambers in God of War isn't exactly straightforward, so we've put together some thoughts on what players should expect when it comes to unlocking the game's numerous Hidden Chambers and claiming the prizes within.

How to Fast Travel in God of War
Though God of War does incorporate some open-world elements, sometimes players will want to take a shortcut and fast travel across the game's world. Here's how to do it.

How to Earn Hacksilver in God of War
We go through some of the best tips for God of War players looking to maximize their Hacksilver stash without putting forth too much extra effort.

How to Defeat the Valkyrie Queen Sigurn
God of War players seeking to put an end to the Valkyrie menace might need some help tackling Sigurn, the order's most notorious warrior.

How to Free All Dragons in God of War
Freeing the dragons in God of War involves a bit of searching and a bit of skill with the axe, but the rewards on offer are considerable.

How to Get the Secret Pommel in God of War
Give the Leviathan Axe an early damage boost by tracking down the weapon's Secret Pommel.

How to get more Skap Slag
Buying and upgrading armor and talismans in New Game+ requires a lot of Skap Slag, so finding an efficient way to farm the valuable resource is important.

How to get the Amulet of Kvasir+ talisman
There are a few Perfect talismans in New Game+, and the Amulet of Kvasir+ is one worth finding.

How to get the Golden Talisman of Protection+
New Game+ introduces "plus" versions of a few old talismans, and the Golden Talisman of Protection is one such item.

God of War Bonus Features, Background Information, Trophies, and More

What is the God of War Story So Far?
Sit with us as we take a look back over the major story events and themes introduced in the God of War series so far and examine some of the highlights of Kratos' blood-soaked past.

How Long is God of War?
Interested to learn more about how long it will take to run through Kratos' latest adventure? We break down some estimated time requirements based around three different styles of play.

God of War Original Soundtrack Song List
Learn more about the themes, instruments, and inspirations behind the songs featured on the God of War official soundtrack, plus pick up a few details about the musical direction and more noteworthy tracks straight from the composer himself.

Complete List of All Trophies in God of War
Like other PlayStation 4 titles, Sony Santa Monica's latest release God of War has a number of different achievements for trophy hunters to seek out.

Who is the Kratos Voice Actor?
The voice talent behind Kratos has changed from the actor who played the character in previous series entries, prompting us to look into the new voice behind God of War's gruff protagonist.

List of Starring Voice Actors in God of War
Heard a voice that sounds familiar? Check out our list of the biggest talents behind some of the more noteworthy characters in God of War.

Is God of War Coming to Netflix with Jason Momoa?
Been lead to believe that Jason Momoa is about to play Kratos in an upcoming Netflix original? You're not alone.

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