Is God of War Coming To Netflix with Jason Momoa?

Sony Santa Monica's recent release of God of War has sent the world abuzz, and for good reason — put simply, it's fantastic. Not only is it gorgeous to behold, it's also jam-packed with content and collectibles. Considering the hype, and considering Hollywood's perceived lack of original ideas, many game and film enthusiasts are hearing word that actor Jason Momoa is gearing up to play Kratos in an all-new God of War Netflix original series. Is it true? Read on to find out.

Is God of War on Netflix?

The biggest question fans will likely want answered is whether or not a God of War series or feature movie is on Netflix. The answer is a double-edged sword: yes, God of War is on Netflix, but it doesn't have anything to do with Kratos or Sony Santa Monica's intellectual property. Instead, it's the Chinese film originally titled Dang kou feng yun, a tale of war and piracy set during the Ming Dynasty, starring the likes of Wenzhou Zhao, Regina Wan, and Sammo Kam-Bo Hung.

As for the supposed July 15 release date, well, we've got nothing. There seems to be no correlation between an upcoming God of War release and this date, but we'll definitely be keeping an eye on things moving forward.

Is Jason Momoa Set To Star as Kratos?

No, not as far as we can tell. The rumor about Momoa playing Kratos centers around two facts: first, he kind of looks like Kratos, with a wild beard and a substantial physique. More than that, speaking in an interview at Comic Con way back in 2012 — that's over six years ago, mind — Momoa said that he would "love to play" Kratos, going so far as to say that if Sony asked him to star as the infamous godslayer, his response would be "hell yeah."

It's worth remembering that the interview featured above took place many years ago. At that point in time, the most recent God of War release was Ghost of Sparta for the PlayStation Portable, originally released in 2010, and Momoa was hot off the first season of HBO's Game of Thrones, which originally aired in April of 2011.

Could Jason Momoa Play Kratos in a God of War Netflix Original?

It's absolutely possible that Momoa could star as Kratos in a God of War Netflix series or movie; he looks the part, and he's into the idea of taking on the role. That said, there is currently no indication online that he's in any sort of talks to play Kratos, nor is there any indication that Netflix is working on a God of War movie or series.

Emboldened by the power of information, expand your knowledge of God of War even further by heading over to our extensive God of War walkthrough and guide hub, where we break down everything from the game's many trophies and collectibles to the cast of voice actors and more. Just don't expect to hear anything more about Momoa or Netflix, at least not for the time being. Lastly, for those who may be interested, we've also racked out brains to come up with a few choices for who should play Kratos in any upcoming God of War movie or TV series.