Release of Fortnite's 50 v 50 V2 Limited Time Mode Has Been Delayed

Players will have to wait a little longer before jumping into Fornite's upcoming 50v50 mode.


Epic Games' broiling-hot multiplayer title Fortnite has been seeing a lot of new changes and improvements in the last weeks and months, but few of them have garnered as much attention as the upcoming and much-touted 50v50 V2 Limited Time gameplay mode. Unfortunately, rolling out the new mode hasn't been as smooth an experience as the developer has hoped, and Epic has decided to push back its release date.

Speaking in an announce made over over on the Fortnite subreddit, an Epic Games representative stated that the team has been experiencing account server issues, and as such will be delaying the launch of the 50v50 V2 Limited Time Mode into next week.

Originally slated to release today, the new 50v50 Limited Time Mode was set to launch with a few key changes to the battle royale formula: among other changes, supply drops will come in bigger groups of between 3 and 6, each team will have its own bus, dotted lines have been added to help indicate primary frontlines, and the final storm circle will be visible at the very beginning of each match.

Players who want to learn more about Fortnite's upcoming 50v50 V2 mode can learn more about the feature by checking out some of the highlighted changes introduced in the recent patch notes version 3.5, the likes of which include the upcoming Battle Royale Replay Camera as well as the titillating new Port-a-Fort item, the likes of which can be seen in the video featured above. The complete v3.5 patch notes can be found over on the Epic Games website.

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