PAX East 2018: Dolmen Gameplay And Interview: Dark Souls In Space

A small team of indie devs is looking to break into the sadistic world of action RPGs with their current Kickstarter campaign. 


What happens when you take the meticulous combat of the Dark Souls series and combine it with the sci-fi ambiance of Dead Space? The results may resemble something akin to Dolmen, a brand new title from the indie devs at Massive Works Studios that's being Kickstarted as of today. The third-person action RPG looks to combine the hard-core combat that Souls fans love with the visual horror of films like Aliens and the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. Dolmen also integrates projectile weapons that players will be able to stun enemies with before going in for the melee kill.  

Asif Khan and Greg Burke got a chance to sit down with Pedro, one of the developers behind Dolmen to get an in-depth look at what players can expect if and when the game makes its Kickstarter goals. During the interview, the Shacknews crew checks out Dolmen's first level, some of the more intricate aspects of combat, and goes into the title's inspiration beyond the obvious Souls/Bourne influences. 

Dolmen's Kickstarter is live now and they're hoping to launch next year on multiple consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, if stretch goals are met. Shacknews will be coming at you with more exclusive demo and interviews this weekend during PAX 2018. Be sure to check out the livestreams from the show floor each day on Twitch or catch up with each day's latest and greatest highlights on the Shacknews Youtube

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