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April Fools: Final Fantasy 14 Online GO Mines for Real-World Nodes

Hammering Stick not included.


There's a lot of stuff to pick up and gather in Final Fantasy XIV Online. But what happens when you leave your PC or console and want to keep gathering? Fortunately, there's an app for just about everything.

Square Enix has introduced Final Fantasy XIV Online GO. The "GO" stands for "Gather Online" and in no way resembles anything currently on the market. It certainly doesn't stand for any of the GO games under Square Enix's very own umbrella. And it certainly doesn't resemble any other game with the word "GO" in the title, no sir.

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO offers notifications on a user's mobile phone, which then directs them to real-world locations. There, they can mine for nodes and keep adding to their node totals. There's even an accessory called the Final Fantasy XIV Online GO Harvesting Stick, which may look like a selfie stick, but that means you're just not hammering hard enough.

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO is coming soon-ish.

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