Hitman GO preview: Agent 47 goes tabletop

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of PAX East was Hitman GO, a made-for-mobile game from Square Enix that turns Agent 47's stealth-murdering into a turn-based tabletop game. It's absolutely adorable.

Players play the game by simply swiping a Hitman character across spots on the board. Enemies will also move, but can be distracted using rocks and other tools. Being directly spotted by a guard will result in failure, but moving into their spot while they're turned around will make them open for a kill.

The main goal of the game is to make it to the exit undetected. The first stages simply explain how to move your character. Eventually, you'll learn how to pick up rocks and throw them to distract guards. They move during your turn, meaning you'll have to think a few steps ahead to ensure you don't trap yourself between a guard and a dead-end.

Of course, as you progress through the game, the enemies get more aggressive. Some will be able to see more than one space ahead. Dogs, for example, will be able to sniff your character and trail you. However, Agent 47's tools also improve, including disguises that let players get through tricky situations.

In addition to making it to the exit, there are challenges in each level, like reaching the goal in under five turns, or having a no-kill run. These additional objectives make the game feel even more like Hitman, in spite of its cutesy atmosphere.

Hitman GO will be available on iOS devices in a few days for $4.99. An Android release will follow shortly afterwards.