April Fools: Street Fighter 5 Dives Into Cards with Hado Stone

One fight ends and another begins, but this is no street fight.


Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't followed Street Fighter lore, but villainous organization Shadaloo ultimately loses. That means everyone must go their separate ways, but what about Ed? Fortunately for this rapidly-aging fighter, he's found a second act as a card player. What card game is that? It's Hado Stone, of course!

Hado Stone is a card game that was conceived from the power of the Hado sealed inside a demonic stone. Rather than use this power to take over the world, a wizard used the stone to create a card game, because reasons. The card game has been the subject of a worldwide power struggle for over 500 years. And fortunately for Ed, he just happened to have the Ancient Warrior Deck he inherited from his father.

But there's more to Hado Stone than the story, just like there's more to Street Fighter than the story. The idea is to pick a character and then select 24 cards to help crush your opponents. Be sure to visit the Capcom website to brush up on the rules to this card game. If you feel like you're ready, go play Hado Stone right now.

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