Ed punches into Street Fighter 5 as its next DLC fighter

Season 2 of Street Fighter V has its next character and he should look familiar to anyone that has played through the game's story elements. It's Ed, the next great fighter to come out of the evil Shadaloo organization.

Ed is someone Shacknews had pegged as a potential DLC fighter going back to the game's original Story Modes and his first interaction with Nash.

So why does Ed suddenly look older here than in Street Fighter V's Story Mode? Capcom-Unity explains that it's because of the experiments conducted by SF4's evil organization S.I.N., causing him to age more rapidly. Here, he's much less a mysterious kid and more of a well-trained fighter. His style combines the pugilistic prowess of his trainer Balrog with the Psycho Power granted to him by Bison. He can be seen launching fighters into the air with long strings of physical combos, while keeping those combos going with Psycho projectiles and a Psycho tether that draws his opponents towards him.

Ed's V-Trigger is called the Psycho Cannon and it's a long, slow projectile reminiscent of Decapre's Ultra Combo from Ultra Street Fighter IV. Ed can follow along with this move in order to string together longer combos. His Critical Art is the Psycho Barrage, in which he uses his Psycho Power to move at blinding speed and wreck his opponent with power punches from all sides.

The Capcom Fighters Network Beta 2 will offer players their first opportunity to go hands-on with Ed. That's set to run from May 11-14 across both PC and PlayStation 4. There's no full release date for Ed just yet, but he'll be part of the Season 2 Character Pass, so those that have purchased that will have to be patient until Capcom announces anything further. Until then, check out the trailer below.

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