Frontier Pulls Back Curtain on Jurassic World Evolution Gameplay, Release Date

Get the first look at how the new dino theme park simulator looks and plays.


The Jurassic Parks series got a reboot a couple of years back with Jurassic World. The film followed Andy Dwyer around a brand new dinosaur theme park and predictably ended in chaos when the dinos escaped containment. Because the reboot made a trillion dollars, a sequel was greenlit and will be in theaters this summer. To coincide with this release, a tie-in game developed by the Planet Coaster team will be hitting cyber shelves. Jurassic World Evolution puts you in charge of building and maintaining a huge dinosaur island and the inevitable loss of containment. The development team at Frontier has released the world’s first gameplay footage and provided a release date.

In the video, some of the guys from Frontier sit down with community manager Ed Lewis to talk about the game and show off the gameplay for the first time. Jurassic World Evolution looks like a modern version of Operation Genesis, a dino-park management simulator released back in 2003. Players will be tasked with designing and expanding the dino park and handling the logistics of the eventual problems and dino escape disasters.

Along with the video, the team at Frontier have revealed that Jurassic World Evolution will release on June 12. This puts its release in line with the premiere of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which follows Andy Dwyer’s second crack at corralling loose raptors. If anything else, this summer is gonna be dino-mite.

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