AlmondBeard Error in Sea of Thieves

Sailors who tempt fate in Sea of Thieves may come to fear the wrath of the AlmondBeard error.


Numerous perils await players diving into Rare's open-world adventure Sea of Thieves. From the constant danger of drowning or drawing the attention of aggressive seamen to overt threats like skeletons or sharks, sailors have plenty to worry about when trying to bring their booty back to safe shores. Unfortunately, there's one danger that lurks entirely unseen, and makes its most powerful strike right when players least expect it — the dreaded AlmondBeard error.

What Is The AlmondBeard Error in Sea of Thieves

Unlike many of the beard-related errors we've seen so far in Sea of Thieves, AlmondBeard is one of the few listed on Rare's offical Sea of Thieves support website. AlmondBeard, in this particular instance spelled as "AllmondBeard," is grouped together with both AlabasterBeard and CyanBeard as an issue that relates to network interruptions.

As for how to fix the AlmondBeard error, well, there isn't too much to say. The official advice is to check the Xbox One's network status through the Settings and Network and menu options, but if anything, that would only serve as a confirmation that the network is down, or a disappointing realization that the network is actually fine. However, based on what we can gather from around the internet, the AlmondBeard error could crop up when players find themselves in risky situations. Some players encounter the error when their ship takes unexpected damage, and at least one player posted on the Sea of Thieves subreddit claiming that AlmondBeard reared its ugly head after 9 straight hours of diligent treasure collection.

Given the chance, AlmondBeard will claim it all. Image credit via reddit user Daphonic.

Seeing as how AlmondBeard is a problem that ultimately results in a disconnect, players would be wise to make sure their ship and their cargo is in a safe position at all times. Losing a few treasure chests here and there to a random disconnect isn't too big a deal, but as it is when dealing with unfriendly pirates out on the sea, there's no reason to tempt fate with the potential for lost spoils.

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