Indie Publisher Graffiti Games' 2018 Lineup Includes New Project from Runbow Creators

New publisher Graffiti Games has revealed that it has picked up the publishing rights to three indie games in 2018, including a mystery project from the creators of Runbow.


There's a new publisher on the market looking to pick up the next great indie game. Graffiti Games, a company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, revealed itself on Wednesday morning. With a team of gaming industry veterans that boast more than 50 years of experience combined, the company picked up three indie games for its 2018 slate.

The most eye-opening one is a mystery game from the folks at 13AM Games. They are recognized as the creators of Runbow, which released to high acclaim (including from Shacknews) on Wii U in 2015. Runbow has since released on other platforms, most recently hitting Xbox One as a Games With Gold offering. The game is also set to release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

No word or even a vague hint on what this new effort from 13AM Games will look like, but the game is set to be unveiled in the weeks ahead.

The second game that Graffiti Games picked up is The King's Bird, from developer Serenity Forge. This is a precision-platforming game that has players jump, dash, glide, and flow across a vast 2D world. But because momentum is a factor, the platforming gradually gets more difficult.

The third game is Joggernauts, from Space Mace Games. So speaking of Runbow, this has a somewhat similar premise. This is a cooperative auto-runner for two to four players, with the idea being for players to switch off colors to walk through or across obstacles. If the players mismatch colors, they take damage or fall to their doom.

Graffiti Games will look to partner with more indie developers in the future, so look for the name to start popping up more in the future.

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