Monster Hunter World Opens Up Horizon Zero Dawn Event Quest for 2 Weeks

The Aloy armor set is coming to Monster Hunter World, but players will only have a limited time to pick them up.


While Monster Hunter: World is a multiplatform game (one that's still coming to PC later this year), PlayStation 4 owners are getting some exclusive goodies with the Horizon Zero Dawn content that was teased back in October. That content looks to be ready to go, with Capcom revealing that the limited time event quest is about to begin.

"In this brand new collaboration event quest, you receive a request from the Nora Tribe chief to hunt down a giant Anjanath in the Ancient Forest," producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said on PlayStation.Blog. "Many captivating machines appear in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the one that made the biggest impression on the Monster Hunter: World development team was the Thunderjaw. Anjanath has a very similar skeletal structure to the Thunderjaw, so we felt it was the best fit to be the main adversary in the quest, but not just any Anjanath would do. This Anjanath is at a scale that many players will have never before encountered, and your typical attacks may not reach its height. We hope hunters will take on this challenge and enjoy a fresh new experience."

Completing this event quest will unlock the Aloy armor set and Aloy's Bow. This set will feature upgradable skills, including the Marathon Runner skill. The quest is set to begin on February 28 for any players at Hunter Rank 11 or higher. While there is no extra charge to participate in this event, players will only have until March 15 to complete it. However, Tsujimoto did indicate that event quests will be on a rotating schedule going forward, so the opportunity to get this gear will come up again... eventually.

If you still need to level up and need some pointers, be sure to check out our Monster Hunter World Guide and Walkthrough.

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