Monster Hunter World Reveals Horizon Zero Dawn Set Ahead of PS Plus Beta

For Monday's Paris Games Week presentation, Capcom brought along a little something from Tokyo Games Show, showing off some more Monster Hunter World. But on top of some new footage, Sony had a few special announcements to go along with this latest trailer.

The Monster Hunter franchise's lead characters have something in common with a certain other PlayStation lead character who debuted earlier this year. That's why Capcom is collaborating with the makers of Horizon Zero Dawn to introduce Aloy's bow and armor, along with machine armor for Felyne companion Palico. Players can get this armor set for no extra charge, but they will have to earn it through an Event Quest first.

The other news is that PlayStation Plus users will get a chance to try out Monster Hunter World for themselves first, thanks to a special online beta period. According to PlayStation.Blog, the beta is set to run through December 9-12, where up to four players can hunt down a Great Jagras and Anjanath in the Ancient Forest and a Barroth in the Wildspire Waste.

For more on what's coming to Monster Hunter World, check out the video below. Monster Hunter World is getting its full release on PlayStation 4 on January 26.

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