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Catch up on all the biggest highlights in the mobile and portable gaming realm with the latest iteration of the Modojo Rewind.


It's been a fortnight since the last song of the Modojo Rewind was sung, and in that time we've been absolutely inundated with reveals and announcements for games that are planned to release for the Nintendo Switch. We're loving it, of course — the Switch is all the system that we've been wanting from Nintendo and more. That's not to say that there haven't been any new developments in the mobile gaming world, of course, it's just that we're so excited about Big N's success that we can't help but shout our admiration from the rooftops.

Fortunately, Modojo is here to get everyone up-to-date on the biggest reveals in mobile and portable gaming in a smooth and streamlined fashion. Get cozy, friends, it's time for the Modojo Rewind.

Mobile Remix To Ignition

There's been a lot of exciting news to come out of the mobile tech and gaming realm in the past weeks, so we're going to dive right in. First off, Rayquaza and more Gen 3 Pokemon have landed in Pokemon Go, which is certainly great for players driven to catch them all. Pokemon Go also recently earned a new trailer, the likes of which is narrated by none other than Stephen Fry. Beyond that, Pokemon Go developer Niantic has also acquired augmented reality tech startup Escher Reality, hopefully in an attempt to make the upcoming Ingress reboot all the more awesome.

Modojo ally Brittany Vincent has been spending time with Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, and she's happy to report overall positive experiences with the mobile-focused remake of Square Enix's hit RPG. Capcom has news on a similar front as well, as Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, the mobile-oriented remake of the full-console title, is finally coming to Android devices. For players looking for an all-new experience, however, Annapurna has also revealed the release date for Florence, the upcoming mobile title from designer Ken Wong's new development studio Mountains.

Those who are looking for some hot new mobile hardware got a rare chance at an early deal, as Huawei Mate 10 Pro preorders opened up with substantial discounts already set in place, saving buyers up to $200 in some cases on a brand new handset. And though the fiscal pun segue may be lost on some, Tencent has announced plans to bring hit mobile MOBA Arena of Valor into the esports arena with its new Los Angeles-based World Cup competition.

While we're on the subject of hot mobile games, Nintendo has also revealed their next smartphone-compatible title. It's called Mario Kart Tour, and aside from the obvious kart-racing shenanigans, we don't know much yet about the title, except that it should be releasing sometime in 2019.

Drowning In Switch Games

There's just so much Nintendo news these days that it's hard to keep things focused. Naturally, we're still going to do our best. Kicking off the news is word of Flipping Death, the platforming and puzzling title from developer Zoink Games that will be getting a physical release on both PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. The strikingly-designed 16-bit styled platformer Fox N Forests is coming to Nintendo Switch too, which should be a delight for those retro-minded platforming enthusiasts.

This flood of announcements continues with TorqueL: Physics Modified Edition, the box-rotating indie puzzler from developer Nanmo, which will soon be landing on the Nintendo Switch. Another is upcoming title Puzzle Puppers, the puzzle title that sees slinky canines stretching around the environment in order to secure snacks. Those who once owned or still own a Wii U will also be excited to hear that developer Wales Interactive has teamed up with Brainseed Factory to bring puzzle platformer Typoman to Nintendo's hybrid handheld.

We love hearing that so many games are coming to the Switch, and we apparently aren't the only ones. A couple of internet sleuths have uncovered statistics that reveal how the Switch library has grown so rapidly that it's managed to triple the size of the Wii U library in the same amount of time. We knew that the Switch was successful, but it certainly warms our hearts knowing that Nintendo is back in top-tier form.

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