Hearthstone Celebrates Update 10.2 with Wildfest Announcement

Arena and Tavern Brawls are about to get a little more Wild in the coming weeks.


The time has come for Hearthstone players. Update 10.2 is officially here and it's the one that reigns in several of the most out-of-control minions in the current Ranked meta. But Blizzard has also announced something special for Arena and Tavern Brawl players to go along with today's patch.

Wild cards are getting added to Arena for a limited time, as part of Wildfest. This is exactly what it sounds like, with Arena drafts sprinkling in various choices from Wild. This will run from February 19 through March 11.

Meanwhile, two Wild-themed Tavern Brawls are set to debut in the coming weeks. Venture Into the Wild will pit players against one another with pre-constructed Wild decks. Meanwhile, the Wild Brawliseum is aimed at the hardcore, competitive Hearthstone player to put together their best possible Wild deck and compete for rewards. This will function just like Arena, in that the player's Wild Brawliseum run will continue until they hit 12 wins or 3 losses. The difference is that all Wild decks in this mode will be constructed. There's an entry fee of Gold or real money, expected to be comparable to the Arena fee, but the first attempt at the Wild Brawliseum will be free of charge.

As for Tuesday's Update 10.2, here's a reminder of what minions are affected:

  • Bonemare: Now costs 8 mana. (Up from 7)
  • Corridor Creeper: Now has 2 Attack. (Down from 5)
  • Patches the Pirate: No longer has Charge
  • Raza the Chained: Now reads: "Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, your Hero Power costs (1) this game."

Anyone who needs an idea of what this might mean to them going forward, be sure to check out our Update 10.2 analysis.

This update also paves the way for March's big changes to Ranked Play. Starting in March, each rank will be a consistent five stars, with players consistently getting sent back five ranks at the end of each month. Remember, however, that while this month's ranks aren't five stars yet, players will get sent back five ranks at the end of February. So be sure to start grinding.

The full patch notes can be found on the Blizzard website. And remember, that Hearthstone Mammoth Card Bundle is now available.

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