Hearthstone Ranked Play Changes Outlined for March

Now that the Hearthstone World Championships is in the books, Blizzard is now ready to look ahead for what's next for its collectible card game. That means looking towards the upcoming Standard rotation, which is set to kick off in March with the game's next expansion. On Thursday, Game Director Ben Brode took the next step in revealing what's next by outlining some changes set to hit Ranked Play prior to that set rotation.

The first of the big changes involves the monthly reset on the Ranked Ladder. Starting in March, all players will now fall back exactly four ranks at the start of each month. Combined with the original floors update from last February, this update should make climbing the Ladder a little bit easier. Each rank will also be a consistent five stars, with the idea to make all players feel like they've progressed equally over the course of their Ladder climb. It will also help make matchmaking a little easier, with players of equal rank and skill getting matched with each other more consistently.

With all Ranks containing five stars, getting sent back to anything below Rank 20 would seemingly make getting the monthly card back a little more daunting. That's why the next big change will see monthly card backs rewarded for only five Ranked wins in the course of a month, instead of having to hit Rank 20.

Look for these changes to hit in the month of March, though Brode does point out that a player's starting point in March will be impacted by how they play in February, so bring your A-game next month. For more, check out Ben Brode's full address in the video below.

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