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Spotify and Discord Combine to Spice Up Your Gaming Session Soundtrack

Now you will be forced to sit through the new alt-folk band’s album that your friend Pete keep insisting you listen to, all while trying to complete your raid in Destiny 2.


Another evening rolls around with you and your friends spending playing games together. It’s just you, Steve, Dave, Pete, and Dirty Ricky enjoying another round of some random video game online. Random communication occasionally breaks the awkward silence or, in the worst case scenario, Pete keeps trying to talk about some sandwich he had last week for the 5th time. It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out. What if you could fill that empty space or shut Pete up with some kickin’ tunes from Spotify.

Thanks to a new partnership between the streaming music giant and voice chat provider Discord, users can listen to music streamed from Spotify and be synchronized with each other. A Spotify News Blog post explains the process required to get the synchronized listening up and running for your gaming group. This setup allows users to get functionality similar to that of the Discord music bot while staying legal.

Once you are logged into the discord app or webpage, click the settings icon, navigate to the connections menu, and finally click the Spotify icon to begin linking your accounts. Once you begin playing music from Spotify, text will appear under your name in the Discord user list, allowing other to listen with you. At this time, the music synchronization functionality is limited to users of Spotify Premium.

Unsure of what to play during your sessions with friends? Spotify now has a dedicated video game music section, containing loads of your favorites.

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