Heroes of the Storm Straps on a Rocket for February Lunar Festival

There's more than ever to pick up in this year's Lunar Festival for Heroes of the Storm, so jump on that rocket!


The Lunar New Year is nearly here and Heroes of the Storm is ready to celebrate with the Lunar Festival. That means taking part in a new series of quests and also donning the game's best Lunar New Year outfits.

The most interesting addition to this year's Lunar Festival is the free-for-all Lunar Rocket Racing brawl. For the most part, this is just what it sounds like, with the heroes and villains of the Nexus strapping themselves to rocket mounts and racing to the finish line. The idea is to complete seven laps, with the Heroes automatically moving towards wherever the mouse cursor is placed. Players can pick up different abilities by grabbing Envelopes, which will allow them to fire away at their opponents and potentially knock them off their mounts.

Regardless of what game type the player engages in during the Lunar Festival, they can pick up the Lunar Skyrocket Spray after playing two games. Playing five or more games earns the Lunar Warcrest, playing eight or more games gets the Cute Lunar Guardian Portrait, and playing more than 10 games will unlock the Lunar Skyrocket Mount.

On top of that, new skins for chacters like Sylvanas, Kael'thas, and Zul'jin, along with new mounts, sprays, and portraits are available in all Loot Chests during the duration of the Lunar Festival. Cosmetics from previous Lunar Festival events will also be available.

The Lunar Festival is set to run from February 6 through March 5. More details can be found on the Heroes of the Storm Lunar Festival website. Even more information can be found on the Heroes of the Storm website, which includes some new details on upcoming playable character Maiev Shadowsong.

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