Heroes of the Storm Locks Up Maiev Shadowsong

Maiev Shadowsong is a widely recognized figure from World of Warcraft. Then she joined the card-slinging shenanigans of Hearthstone. Now it's time for her to join the Nexus, as she joins the growing roster of Heroes of the Storm.

The Warden enters as a new Assassin character. She comes with the Hero Trait called Vault of the Wardens. This allows Maiev to leap into the air and become invulerable to all hostile effects for 0.75 seconds. As a Passive ability, this grants Maiev 15 Armor. Here are her moves:

  • (Q) Fan of Knives: This will dole out knives in a semi-circle, hitting enemies for 180 damage. Hitting at least two enemy Heroes will reduce its cooldown to 0.5 seconds and refund its Mana cost, potentiallt allowing Maiev to keep coming with repeated damage.
  • (W) Umbral Bind: This allows Maiev to tether herself to her foe and pull them in when they stray too far. Look for this to primarily be used for team attacks, luring in enemies for group beatdowns.
  • (E) Spirit of Vengeance: This is a versatile new move that allows Maiev to send out a shadow, which deals 100 damage to any enemies is passes through and 200 damage to any enemy Heroes. After reaching its destination, the shadow will come back, dealing the same level of damage along the way. Maiev can also cast the spell a second time while the shadow is deployed to teleport to its location, allowing for some quick movement.
  • (R1) Containment Disc: Maiev tosses a glaive at any enemy Hero. If a Hero is hit, Maiev can immediately whammy them for 4 seconds of Time Stop and remove their vision. The glaive can also go off automatically after 6 seconds.
  • (R2) Warden's Cage: Maiev will summon eight Warden Avatars. The Wardens are bombs that go off on contact, sending enemy Heroes into the center of the circle.

No word on when Maiev is set to reach the Nexus, but look for her to hit the Heroes of the Storm Public Test Server soon.

Those who are looking for some more immediate fun should check out this week's Heroes Brawl, which sees teams do battle on Checkpoint: Hanamura. This is an Overwatch-inspired battleground with a distinct characteristic: there's only one lane! Learn more about this Brawl on the Heroes of the Storm website.

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