Lay Down A Tight Groove With Korg Gadget On Nintendo Switch

Korg is bringing its own brand of music production software to Nintendo's hybrid handheld.


Nintendo recently revealed a "new way to play" with the company's inventive Labo variety of cardboard-based accessories, and among the many cardboard creations that caught players' eyes, the piano earned a considerable amount of interest. Making music with Nintendo consoles is a longstanding tradition, after all, with many players still entranced by the likes of the composing tool in Super Mario Paint. Fun as that tool may be, though, it doesn't exactly make studio-worthy productions — fortunately, that doesn't appear to be the case with Korg's upcoming Switch software.

Titled Korg Gadget and jointly developed with Detune Ltd., the latest version of Korg's production studio software will rank as the first of its kind to land on Nintendo's hybrid console. It's not exactly a cut-and-dry composition software, though; reportedly, Korg Gadget will turn the act of making music into something sort of like a game, using the Switch's Joy-Con controllers to control or alter various parts of a composition. There will even be a multiplayer mode, though it's unlikely that any such mode will be competitive.

According to Korg Gadget's official website, multiplayer on Gadget means that up to four players to be able to put their styles together in order to create new tunes on-the-fly:

"There is also a multi-player mode in which up to four people can collaborate in making music," the website reads. "Connect via an HDMI cable to enjoy playing on the TV in your living room, or use it with a projector for big live performances. Everyone can enjoy this new game-like DAW experience."

Several different instrument options will be available, with Korg stating that Gadget will include 16 different snythesizer and drum machine options. Beyond that, the software will also include Korg's now-famous user interface options, which should help crafting new compositions feel like a relatively-straightfoward process.

There's no firm word on when Korg Gadget will be gracing the Nintendo Switch, but players and budding musicians can look forward to checking out what's sure to be the system's most full-featured composition software sometime around Spring of this year.

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