Nintendo Announces Nintendo Labo, DIY Kits For Switch

After much speculation about what Nintendo could possibly be announcing today, the company has surprised everyone once more with the announcement of Nintendo Labo, a set of DIY kits that can be used in conjunction with the Nintendo Switch to create some truly awesome things.

The sets are due out on April 20, and you can pick up two different Toy-Con packages that day: the Variety Kit for $69.99, and the Toy-Con Robot Kit for $79.99. There’s also a Customization Set priced at $9.99 that comes with two stencil sheets, two sticker sheets, and two tape rolls to help make your creations pop.

The Toy-Con collection in the Variety Kit lets you make two RC cars, one fishing rod, one piano, one house, and one motorbike, with all the components you need to put all five projects together. The Robot kit lets you make your own robot, controllable via backpack and a headset that looks suspiciously like a VR headset, which could be part of the reason Nintendo has stated that the company isn’t interested in pursuing VR going forward.

This is quite the interesting move for Nintendo, but hardly a surprising one, given the company's propensity to bring families together with gaming experiences everyone can get into. These kits and their various applications look simplistic enough to invite creators of all skill levels into the fold, so if you're looking for an activity the whole family can enjoy, this certainly looks like one that should work for you. Check out the debut trailer below to see some of the Labo creations in action. 

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