Destiny 2 - Where to Farm Datalattice

The best places to farm for Datalattice in Destiny 2.


There are dozens of materials and resources to collect in Destiny 2, and all of them are scattered around worlds, rewarded from playing activities, or even earned through dismantling gear. Datalattice is one such material that can be difficult to find, especially in large quantities – which is sometimes needed for certain quests in Destiny 2.

Where to Farm Datalattice

Datalattice is one of the many planetary resources in Destiny 2 and can only be collected on Nessus. In a similar fashion to finding Phaseglass, Datalattice can be found by simply making your way around Nessus and looking for its glowing, Vex-like appearance. Collecting a Datalattice will reward you with the green, Common version of the material, but you also have a chance of receiving the blue, Rare version. There are four ways players can collect Datalattice in Destiny 2:

  • Collect from the ground
  • Loot planetary chests
  • Complete Public Events
  • Defeat high priority targets
  • Purchase from Spider in the Tangled Shore

A good idea is to focus on Public Events and killing high priority targets, and then supplement that with hunting the resource nodes and opening planetary chests. It's also worth having a Ghost Shell with the Nessue Resource Detector perk, as it will highlight all nearby Datalattice nodes. However, players who want to "cheat the system" can potentially abuse Destiny 2's loading zones.

If you wish to avoid the grind of searching manually, you can instead exploit Destiny 2’s loading zones, forcing a Datalattice to remain active. How this works is relatively simple: locate a Datalattice, collect it, and then zoom to the closest loading zone. When you pass through the loading zone and the next area loads, turn around and head back to the Datalattice to collect it again. If you were quick enough, the Datalattice will remain. You can repeat this process until you’ve farmed all that you need.

Be aware that Bungie has implemented cooldowns, whereby if you collect a resource too often, it will stop giving you rewards. When this happens, simply stop collecting Datalattice and go do something else until the timer wares off. A good place to perform this little trick is near a Lost Sector, as they are pretty close to large areas where Datalattice can be found. Take a look at our guide on all Lost Sectors if you need to locate one.

As with the other planetary resources, like Alkane Dust, Datalattice can also be purchase from Spider in the Tangled Shore. The only problem is that his stock rotates, meaning it may not be available when you need it. In the event that Spider is selling it, players can get their hands on a decent amount for either some Glimmer or a few Legendary Shards.

Once that’s out of the way, check out our Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for more tips and tricks!

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