Hi-Rez Studios' RTS Bot Smashers Coming To iOS and Android

The company's latest strategy title will launch for mobile devices later this year.


Hi-Rez Studios, the development team behind big-name titles like Tribes: Ascend and popular multiplatform MOBA Smite, has an all-new game in the works that's aimed squarely at today's mobile gaming enthusiast. As revealed over the weekend during the company's Hi-Rez Expo 2018, the studio is working toward the future release of Bot Smashers, a real-time strategy game aiming to blend a crisp visual aesthetic with addictive 1v1 base-building action.

During the event, Hi-Rez unveiled the game's very first reveal trailer, the likes of which can be seen below. All the usual RTS elements are there, including base building, unit production, resource gathering, powerful spell abilities, and a host of different upgrades, all centered around adorable little robots.

As indicated in the trailer, Bot Smashers is currently in a pre-alpha phase, meaning the game is likely still a ways out from any sort of proper release. However, Hi-Rez Studios is holding online tests where members of the community can help with the game's gradual production. To get on board, interested gamers need only head over to the official Bot Smashers website, where they'll need to enter some basic details about themselves including their e-mail address, country, and time zone. From there, users will be contacted when or if they're selected for testing.

There's no specific word just yet on when Hi-Rez is aiming to release Bot Smashers, but it's definitely a title that mobile RTS players will want to keep an eye on in the coming months.

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