PUBG Scheduled Downtime For Impending 1.0 Launch

Stable and Test servers will be coming down for pre-launch maintenance.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds began development less than two years ago and saw some closed alpha sessions that were sprinkled throughout the end of 2016. Testing opened up in early 2017 to those who pre-ordered the game and PUBG finally launched for the masses on Steam Early Access in March 2017. The game sold a few copies here and there and we are now on the eve of the game’s transition into the version 1.0 official release.

In a tweet posted this morning, the official PUBG account explained that all servers for the PC version of the game would need to come offline today for maintenance ahead of the official launch.

In the hours since the tweet was posted, developer Bluehole changed its downtime estimate to seven hours. With an expected launch time around 11AM PST, players should expect the servers for the stable and test branches to go offline around 4PM PST. Once the maintenance is complete, players should be able to download the official 1.0 update and get to earning that chicken dinner in an official capacity.

It has been a big year for PUBG. The game has moved well over 20 million units on PC and saw sales of over one million on Xbox One less than two days after its console early access launch. While you wait for 1.0 to go live, be sure to check out our guide to PUBG graphics settings so you can start off in the official release with settings that will have your matches running smoothly. While the latest test server builds have offered some serious performance boosts to the game, every little bit of extra speed can help tremendously in the heat of the moment. Good luck and happy man hunting!

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