Maybe Don't Buy NVIDIA's $3000 Titan V to Play Games

The gaming-focused Volta cards are coming soon.


The internet got a little excited last night when NVIDIA took the cover off its new Volta-powered Titan V graphics card at the NIPS 2017 conference. The card is absolutely loaded to the gills with cutting edge hardware and sports some out of this world specs. It carries a hefty $3000 price tag to go along with the power. PC gamers looking for the next big thing would be better off waiting for the gaming-focused Volta cards to hit shelves because the TItan V is loaded with expensive features that will remain unused when working with PC games.

The key here is where NVIDIA chose to launch the new TItan card. If the intention was to sell this card to PC gamers, the announcement may have been made at The Game Awards or some other game-related conference. That NVIDIA chose to make this debut at NIPS 2017 tells you all you need to know.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and make the assumption that the majority of Shacknews readers are not intimately familiar with NIPS and what purpose they serve. It may be a bit of a stereotype, but many players never venture out of their gaming comfort zone. If you spend all your time in front of PC games, you may miss out on some of the cool thing happening out in the real world. Obviously, not all PC game enthusiasts are destined to make it through life without interacting with NIPS. Some of them have been working with NIPS for years.

The Neural Information Processing Systems conference is a yearly event centered around machine learning. This new graphics card is built to learn shit like a machine. While you can boot up Doom on it, the potential (and your extra money) will be wasted. Shacknews will keep you updated on the newest developments for the gaming-centric Volta graphics cards in the coming months. If you want to learn more about NIPS, close that game and interact with people (in the machine learning community)!

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