Zelda: Breath of the Wild - How To Unlock Master Cycle Zero Motorcycle

Link's newest steed is powered by more than carrots and mushrooms. Here's how to find the motorcycle in the Champions' Ballad DLC.


Nintendo had a good night last night — not only did the company earn the Game of the Year award for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at The Game Awards 2017, it also released the second part of Breath of the Wild's DLC Expansion Pass, the much-awaited Champions' Ballad DLC. Better yet, alongside the promise of new challenges and new gear came the reveal of an all-new way for heroes to traverse the land of Hyrule. This is no sturdy horse named Bubbles; instead, it's a fully-functioning motorcycle seemingly based on Ancient technology called the Master Cycle Zero. Check it out in the brief teaser trailer below:

According to Eiji Aonuma, Link's motorcycle is meant to represent more than just a way to get around: "What you all just saw at the end of the trailer is a reliable partner for Link, something you could consider to be his own Divine Beast: The Master Cycle Zero.”

That's right, Link's new wheels are effectively his own Divine Beast, and players would be forgiven for wanting to unlock it immediately and start launching off the highest peaks in Hyrule. Naturally, however, it's going to take some work to unlock the Master Cycle Zero — primarily, players will have to overcome each and every one one of the challenges offered in the new Champions' Ballad DLC.

How To Unlock Link's Master Cycle Zero Motorcycle In Breath of the Wild

The first step in completing the trials within the Champions' Ballad DLC is, simply put, to begin the Champions' Ballad DLC. Doing so is straightforward: players will be directed to the starting point as soon as they load up the game after downloading the new expansion.

After grabbing Link's powerful new weapon, players will be tasked with clearing out four different Bokoblin camps in order to reveal the hidden nearby shrines. Therein, players will face even more obstacles, including lengthy puzzles filled with spike traps and a particularly challenging Major Test of Strength that focuses on more than just a single Ancient Guardian.

Once these shrines are complete, the aforementioned powerful weapon will point players in the direction of four different altars, and players will have to use pictoral references of where to go in order to discover new shrines and unlock more challenges, including showdowns with powerful beasts like the elusive Molduga. Doing so yields great rewards, not the least of which is more story-based content revealing an extended history of Hyrule and of the four Champions that united to save it.

Given enough time — and yes, time will be one of the primary concerns with completing these tasks — all of the Champions' Ballad quests will lead inexorably to Link's own Divine Beast, the rad motorcycle known as the Master Cycle Zero.

To learn more about how to unlock the Master Cycle Zero in Breath of the Wild's Champions' Ballad DLC, head over to our complete Champions' Ballad DLC walkthrough and guide. For catching up on the best that the main game has to offer, also be sure to check out our many Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guides.

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