Is Bethesda Working on a Game of Thrones Project?

An unfinished page on the Target website may have outed a new RPG in the works.


Social media has been abuzz of late with all the latest details from Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms as new episodes of the popular Game of Thrones series airs. With the huge popularity of the George R.R. Martin franchise, it seems only logical that a massive RPG could be in the works. If an unfinished page on the Target website is to be believed, Bethesda may be working on one.

The page (via NeoGAF) just shows a header for a Game of Thrones title from Bethesda. There are no other details so it is either a mistake or a work in progress where Target knows something is coming but has received no official details yet.

Either way, the page proves nothing, but still offers plenty of speculation fodder. We do know, courtesy of Director Todd Howard, that Bethesda Game Studios is working on "two projects that are bigger than anything we've ever done." A Game of Thrones title, given the massive scope of the books and the series, would fit that description. And seeing how well Bethesda has presented dragons, undead and medieval life with its Elder Scrolls games, Game of Thrones seems like an excellent companion.

Game of Thrones has already had some video game treatment. The most recent is from Telltale Games, which did its usual episodic treatment for a season 1 and is already working on Season 2, although we haven't heard much about it since late 2015. Also, Cyanide Studios developed both an RTS and an RPG for the franchise. The RTS, entitled A Game of Thrones: Genesis, launched in September 2011, and is still on Steam. The Game of Thrones RPG was revealed a few months later and released in June 2012. It is also still available through Steam. There was also an ill-fated MMO announced by developer Artplant and publisher Bigpoint in 2012, but that was never released. Finally, Game of thrones: Ascent for iOS was released back in 2014.

Bethesda isn't saying anything at this point. No sense in commenting on a mistake, or commenting on a game that it isn't ready to announce. So all we can do it wait and hope, and sate our Game of Thrones hunger with debates on how fast ravens fly or how well the White Walker Night King can throw an ice spear.

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