Game of Thrones RPG debut trailer teases action, drama

If you've been hanging on the edge of your throne in anticipation of a peek at Game of Thrones, the video game adaptation of fantasy's favorite soap opera from Blood Bowl developer Cyanide, give your royal rump a rest. Following a string of screenshots, publisher Focus Home Interactive has released the debut trailer, packing two minutes of in-game goodies.

Game of Thrones tells a "brand new" story in George R.R. Martin's fantasy saga 'A Song of Ice and Fire,' written "in conjunction with" the author. It boasts two protagonists in parallel storylines, the Red Priest Alester and Mors, a "sworn brother of the Night's Watch," which may mean something to you.

The RPG will tour the kingdom of Westeros, visiting places including The Wall, King's Landing, Red Keep, and Castle Black. Packing an estimated 30 hours of gameplay, it's slated to arrive for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in "early 2012."

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