A Game of Thrones RTS launches September 29

Ooh, everyone's going mad for A Song of Ice and Fire. The fifth novel in George R. R. Martin's fantasy series stormed the shelves in July, HBO's television adaptation is introducing a new audience to its incestuous politics, and now the video game's incoming. Publisher Focus Home Interactive today announced that A Game of Thrones: Genesis, Blood Bowl developer Cyanide's real-time strategy adaptation, will arrive for PC on September 29.


As befits the source, political machinations are supposed to play an important part. Focus Home says to expect assassinations, secret alliances, espionage, harassing trade routes, treason, kidnapping, ransoms, and other sneaky tricks. You can, apparently, even win without building an army at all.

A Game of Thrones: Genesis will be released at retail and, of course, via digital distribution.

Cyanide is also adapting Rackham's classic tabletop miniature wargame Confrontation into an RTS. That's slated to arrive this fall.