Titanfall PC requires Origin

While Titanfall's newly-revealed PC system requirements show the Source-based shooter will almost certainly run just on your hardware, there's one unfortunate software component that won't be quite so dandy. Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella has confirmed that, as suspected, Titanfall will require EA's Origin client on PC.

A few hours after Zampella dropped the system requirements on Twitter, he confirmed the unfortunate news there too. "I'll also ask that you give Origin a try for the beta, costs you nothing," he added in response to the fan who'd asked, and who'd said that they wouldn't buy it on Origin.

Listings at download stores have mentioned requiring Origin for some time, but it wasn't clear whether this was an absolute for all copies or merely for where they had sourced the keys from.

Origin has improved a lot over the years, of course, but is still far more primitive and, well, frustrating than Steam. Especially given that Titanfall's audience is likely to already have Steam accounts, with all their Friends and groups and everything already set up.