PS4 video shows off user interface, multi-tasking, and game downloading

PlayStation 3 was never an especially elegant console to use. From frequent firmware downloads, sluggish in-game XMB, to the inability to multitask, there are many aspects of the PlayStation experience that can be improved upon.

Enter PS4. A new generation offers a blank canvas to work with. And even at PS4's reveal in February, Sony was keen on pointing out that its upcoming console will offer a frictionless experience. A new video shows how attractive gamers might use the system in the hyper-connected, social world they live in.

In the video (via Polygon), Hypothetical Gamer X is playing Knack, only to get bothered by Annoying Friend Y who wants X to play Killzone instead. So, X jumps into the PlayStation Store, where he purchases Shadow Fall. The Store shows an interesting prompt: to begin downloading the single-player or multiplayer portion first. This piecemeal approach to games downloads should make it quicker to jump into downloadable games. Another friend, Female Gamer Z, jumps in on the conversation, and is able to start remote downloading the game through her mobile phone.

The scenario may be a bit contrived, but it provides you a rather thorough glimpse at PS4's system UI.