Command & Conquer Generals 2 won't launch with single player

Command & Conquer Generals 2 from the newly-formed BioWare Victory will be free-to-play as part of EA's foray into that territory. As a result, it will carry a focus on eSports, and won't ship with a single-player campaign.

PC Gamer reports that the game will ship with competitive and cooperative skirmishes. A story mode might be added at some later time, but general manager John Van Caneghem says they "haven't announced yet how we're going to do it."

Instead, the studio is putting the focus on eSports features. Caneghem is cagey on which ones will be included, but says "you can basically make a list of the assumed ones that you'd need to be in an e-sports game, and it's definitely part of the plan."

As for long-term strategy with the series as a whole, Generals 2 is spear-heading the initiative, but EA plans to expand it to the full line-up eventually. "We decided to choose Generals as the first set of games we build under the universe, but we'll be expanding after that, like Tiberium and Red Alert as well as some others as well. But Generals 2 was the first one, and it was one of the biggest sellers, as well as the fanbase has been asking for it for some time."