SimCity to use always-on DRM, no mod tools at launch

SimCity looks to finally scratch that itch after a long absence -- with some new features to boot -- but the times they are a-changing in some less favorable ways as well. The game will use the contentious always-online DRM method, even during private, single-player games.

Our own in-depth preview noted the decision to include the DRM restrictions. This keeps players connected to the game's global economy and leaderboards, whether they're playing with others or not. Including always-on DRM has caused backlash at other publishers, most notably Ubisoft for promising not to include the measure and then taking a half-step back in its direction.

The preview also noted that the game won't support mod tools at launch, but Maxis acknowledges the value of adding that functionality. "The data set in Glassbox is modable," said artistic director/creative director Ocean Quigley. "The mod community re-created [SimCity]. We recognize it. We're not idiots."

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