Team Fortress 2 'Uber Update' this Thursday

On Thursday, Valve will launch the "biggest, most ambitious update" in the history of its online multiplayer shooter, Team Fortress 2. To prepare for the aptly named "Uber Update," the dev revealed a few choice pieces of information and stealthily teased a special reward for the update's launch.


When the Uber Update arrives on June 23, Valve says it will release a new "Meet the" short for one of the remaining two classes. The company was quick to drop a few subtle hints regarding who would be featured in the video. According to Valve, two major clues for the video are: "It's NOT the Pyro" and "It's the MEDIC."

Shacknews has contacted Valve to confirm our suspicions that the video will revolve around the Pyro*. We just have a feeling we can't shake.

Valve also revealed Team Fortress 2 will be free to play for all users all week, starting now.

The first details on additions in the Uber Update revealed a Mob world theme is coming to Team Fortress 2. "To make sure everything was as accurate as possible, we went deep undercover at the most Italian place we could find, The Olive Garden," the recently redesigned blog notes. We couldn't think of a better place and certainly hope they tried the authentic Italian bread-sticks.

In the update the Heavy will gain access to three new weapons: a minigun with 75% faster, silent spin-up time and 20% slower firing speed dubbed the 'Tomislav'; a shotgun named 'The Family Business' with 40%+ clip size and 15%- damage; and 50% faster, 60% weaker brass knuckles called 'The Eviction Notice.' The Spy nets a 20%+ damage revolver called 'The Enforcer' with 0.5 second increase to cloak; a 30%+ cloak on kill with -25 max health knife dubbed 'The Big Earner'; and a flower ability called 'The Made Man.'

Also on tap for the update is a new Payload map called 'Barn Blitz,' featuring "one outdoor and three indoor capture points (including a final indoor capture point)." Check out the update poster art for more details.

*Yes, I'm aware it's not the Pyro.