Portal 2 Hydra-specific DLC available


Portal 2 has gotten its first bit of downloadable content -- for those who bought an expensive controller, at least. Rock Paper Shotgun reports that those who bought a Razer Hydra motion controller built for the game can now get 10 levels of motion-centered Portal 2 DLC.

The motion pack, developed by Sixense Studios, involves rotating portals and scaling the mass of objects like cubes to solve puzzles. Unfortunately, the Razer Hydra is roughly $140, so getting this DLC isn't exactly cheap.

Keep in mind, this isn't the free DLC promised for the game, as that will be coming for all platforms and include other features like leaderboards and multiplayer challenge rooms. But, this pricey DLC did give us an opportunity to ask Valve about the free pack, and whether this motion pack is planned for release elsewhere. We'll update as more information becomes available.