Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 30, 2009 5:00am PST With the end of an arbitrary period of time comes the need to obsessively rate, compare and rank. It's simply the done thing. For several months now I have been compiling the list of The World's Top Seventeen Breakfasts 7:12pm PST February 18, 2001 to 9:56am GMT October 27, 2009 and I think I'm about done. I'll show you later this week.

Here's to another slow day!

Oh, and if you fancy winning one of fifteen free copies of the Forza 3 Hot Holidays Car Pack, "do something unique" in this Morning Discussion post and we'll pick winners. What's unique? Well, that's entirely up to you. Show us how special you are. You should probably mention Hot Holidays or Forza 3 so we can actually find your post, though.

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  • I often get this random realization that I haven't used any of my "free" Zune mp3 downloads in months. AITOO? The way they have it set up discourages me from doing it: you buy the MP3 album and then Zune knows you already bought it so it won't let you download the DRM WMA tracks on another activated PC. Part of the reason the Zune Pass works well is the ability to have different libraries on each activated PC with minimal effort toward syncing content between em. In other words, I downloaded a new MP3 album (had to do it in 2 chunks cause it's more than 10 tracks) and now it won't let me download the WMA tracks at work.

    If I lose my PC and everything on it, will I never be able to download those songs off Zune again?