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Dead Island 2 announced [Update]

At Sony's E3 press conference, the company debuted Dead Island 2. To accompany the announcement, of course, they showed off a bloody, gory, kind of funny trailer.

Spec Ops: The Line dev says its multiplayer 'like a cancerous growth'

It's no secret that publishers often foist multiplayer modes upon single-player-focused games to make them more attractive to would-be customers, but it's rare to hear a developer speak so openly and contemptuously of this practice as Spec Ops: The Line lead designer Cory Davis does about its bolted-on multiplayer. The box-ticking addition 2K Games wanted turned out to be a "low-quality Call of Duty clone in third-person," hes said, which "tossed out the creative pillars of the product."

Spec Ops: The Line review

Interesting gameplay and engaging multiplayer make Spec Ops: The Line a worthwhile experience, despite the relatively short single-player campaign.

Spec Ops: The Line getting co-op in free DLC

Cooperative multiplayer's pretty nice, isn't it. Rather than shooting your chum in the face, you get to join forces with them to shoot other people in the face. Lovely! How nice, then, that co-op is coming to Spec Ops: The Line in free DLC after launch.

Spec Ops crosses The Line on June 26

Yager's sandy shooter Spec Ops: The Line will gust out to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Publisher 2K today also announced pre-order bonuses, in the form of early unlocks and special gubbins for its multiplayer side.

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