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How Viscera Cleanup Detail went from Shadow Warrior add-on to full standalone game

Two years ago, Shadow Warrior got an odd piece of DLC that had players clean up after Lo Wang's bloody battles. Now, Viscera Cleanup Detail has grown to become a full standalone effort, with the first-person janitorial game having just come out of Steam Early Access. To learn more about how the game has grown since 2013, Shacknews spoke to Runestorm's Arn Richert.

Viscera Cleanup Detail takes on the tough stains on Steam Early Access

Busting aliens is a messy business. They're all filled with squishy organs and slimy green blood and that sort of thing can wreak havoc on your paint and your floors. That's when the real heroes step in, my friends! That's when you call the folks at Viscera Cleanup Detail. And they're answering calls ahead of schedule by making an early house call on Steam Early Access.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage brings festive bloodbath

Viscera Cleanup Detail may be built on a simple joke, but it's a good one: a wonky physics-based cleanup of the mess left behind my video game protagonists. But with a festive spin-off game, it's something far less jolly: this time players are slipping on their rubber boots to clear up the blood and bodies left in the wake of Santa's Rampage.

Viscera Cleanup Detail tackles Shadow Warrior bloodbath

What happens after the Shadow Warrior Lo Wang sweeps through a building, lopping off limbs and showering everything with blood? Why, someone calls the Viscera Cleanup Detail, of course. Devolver Digital has released a special version of RuneStorm's mop 'em up for owners of the bleed 'em up, letting you clean up Wang's mess.

Viscera Cleanup Detail is your new favorite weird sim

When John Halo or Ian Space Marine has killed all the demons or aliens or zombies or whatever's causing trouble this week, a new hero breed of hero is called in: the space-janitor. You, yes you, will get to slip on those iconic yellow rubber gloves in the latest oddball physics-driven simulator, Viscera Cleanup Detail. Armed with a weird floppy mop and several buckets, you'll be collecting gibs and clearing up That Lousy Glory-Seeking Show-off's mess.