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Game Dev Tycoon hacks pirates' version of game

Game developers and publishers have been fighting piracy for some time. It seems games are cracked and posted on torrent almost as soon as they are released. One developer fought back with a killer scorpion, but another has decided to give pirates a taste of their own medicine.

DreamRift co-founder: publisher piracy fears lead to unambitious games

Is a pirated game truly a lost sale? Do some people buy games after playing a pirate copy? In a way, it doesn't really matter. The mere belief amongst some publishers that hardcore gamers are frightful pirates is why the DS and 3DS are given over to safe bets like licensed games and sequels, according to Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion developer DreamRift's co-founder Peter Ong.

Steam DRM declared a success by Football Manager 2012 dev

Though many fans were upset when Football Manager 2012 became the first in the PC sim series to require Steam, developer Sports Interactive has credited the move with helping reduce piracy, seeing FM2012 cracked 15 days later than the games "usually" are.

Witcher 2 studio co-founder says DRM doesn't work

The Witcher 2 has sold over 1 million copies without DRM. Studio co-founder Marcin Iwinski says it simply doesn't work and they succeed by offering extras with their game and educating the consumer.

Take On Helicopters' anti-piracy tech defended by devs

Unsuspecting pirates playing Take On Helicopters have found their vision turned watery, and not with tears of shame. Bohemia has explained its anti-piracy scheme, saying developers have a responsibility to "try to protect their company's future."

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