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Internet service providers will no longer issue copyright alerts and warnings in the United States

Despite the initiative (and perhaps in part because of it), over 981 million movies and TV shows were downloaded using P2P software in 2016.


Internet services providers will no longer send copyright alerts when they detect subscribers using peer-to-peer software to pirate media (via PC Gamer).

"After four years of extensive consumer education and engagement, the Copyright Alert System will conclude its work," per a statement from the Center for Copyright Information.

"The program demonstrated that real progress is possible when content creators, Internet innovators and consumer advocates come together in a collaborative and consensus-driven process," the statement continued. "CAS succeeded in educating many people about the availability of legal content, as well as about issues associated with online infringement. We want to thank everyone who put in the hard work to develop this program and make it a success, including past and present members of our Advisory Board. While this particular program is ending, the parties remain committed to voluntary and cooperative efforts to address these issues."

Through the initiative, Internet service providers (ISPs) automatically redirected pirates to a warning when they opened a browser and attempted to navigate to a website. Unfortunately, the system was lenient. Potential penalties weren't administered until six or more warnings had been received.

Additionally, ISPs were hesitant to take partial responsibility for their subscribers' activities and enforce penalties.

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