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Piracy Group 3DM Is Suspending Operations For A Year

Yar, har, fiddle-de-dee. 


The China-based 3DM cracking group that was in the gaming news recently reportedly frustrated with Just Cause 3's anti-tamper technology is ceasing operations for a year. Why? To measure its impact on sales, of course.

“We just had an internal meeting. Starting at the Chinese New Year, 3DM will not crack any single-player games,” Bird Sister announced. The Chinese New Year begins on Monday, February 8, so that's right around the corner. “Cracks by overseas warez groups will still get posted on the [3DM] forum, and we will actively deal with these."

This is an interesting situation for sure, especially since the group is relied upon by many as the go-to piracy pundit.

“We’ll take a look at the situation in a year’s time to see if genuine sales have grown,” says Bird Sister of the decision.

Just Cause 3 released in December, protected by the latest version of Denuvo, a secondary encryption system that protects DRM products.

Previously, the cracking group/forum 3DM was frustrated when it couldn't crack the game, and group leader Bird Sister even came forward to say anti-piracy tech has progressed so far that in two years there may not even be pirated games anymore.

Either way, it'll be interesting to see what comes of this experiment.

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