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TrackMania 2 Valley races out next week

It's all go in the world of TrackMania 2. The Stadium installation squealed off the starting line only last week, and now TM2 Valley is warming up its tires. It'll launch for PC on July 4, developer Nadeo announced today, bringing rolling green hills and rally cars to the build-o-racer.

TrackMania 2 Stadium released

TrackMania 2 Stadium's release has slid around a lot like someone driving a car badly (note the clever simile), from "early 2013" to April, then May, but it finally launched yesterday. The $9.99 race 'em up brings back the classic Stadium environment you may have zoomed around for yonks in the last game's free version, TrackMania Nations Forever.

TrackMania2 Stadium now in open beta

Dust dust dust as far as the eye can see gets a little boring, unless you're a Counter-Strike player. (I'm here all week; try the lamb.) If you fancy somewhere new to express your TrackMania, developer Nadeo today launch an open beta test of TrackMania2 Stadium, bringing you in from the Canyon to that classic TM environment. And hey, ManiaPlanet has gone all Steamy, so you can activate TM2 and ShootMania on Steam.

ShootMania Storm open beta now live

TrackMania developer Nadeo's multiplayer FPS ShootMania Storm was supposed to launch in January, but publisher Ubisoft delayed it for a bit of extra polish. To get more feedback, and more publicity, it also announced an open beta test, which is now live. To star fragging, download the 1.24GB client here at Shacknews.

ShootMania Storm delayed, open beta coming

ShootMania Storm was supposed to launch on PC tomorrow, but it won't. Publisher Ubisoft has delayed the first build-o-FPS from TrackMania developer Nadeo until April 10 to polish it up, see, and plans to hold an open beta test so you, me, and everyone else who enjoys shooting faces on the Internet can offer our thoughts.

TrackMania 2 Stadium & Valley due early 2013

When TrackMania 2 Canyon launched last year, it only brought one of the racing series' traditional environments, the dusty Canyon set. Now, developer Nadeo has revealed that the shiny stadium and rustic Valley landscapes are approaching the starting line, due to race out in "early 2013."

ShootMania Storm blasting out in January 2013

As you once again vow to start going to the gym after New Year, you may want to consider designing a routine to strengthen and hasten your fingers. ShootMania Storm, Nadeo's callack to ye olde twitchy FPS with zippy movement, has been pegged for a January 23 launch by publisher Ubisoft, giving you a scant few weeks to get those meatsticks in shape.

ShootMania Storm will offer two modes for free

Nadeo's TrackMania games traditionally ran under a free-to-play model of sorts but TrackMania 2 Canyon shook that up by simply charging a cover price, and it seemed ShootMania Storm would too. Not so. Nadeo's first FPS will in fact return to the old way, publisher Ubisoft announced today, and offer two of its many modes for free.

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