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MineCon 2012 held at Disneyland Paris

Minecraft developer Mojang had said that its second dig 'em up shindig would be held in Europe, following its debut in Las Vegas last year. Today it announced the location, which turns out to be just about the most American place in Europe imaginable--Disneyland Paris.

Watch Minecraft's launch at MineCon keynote

Roll up, roll up, come see the amazing Notch flip the "Activate Minecraft" switch during MineCon's keynote speech to officially launch the indie dig 'em up, joined by chums including the men of Mega64.

Minecraft on Xbox 360 playable at MineCon

Developer Mojang Specifications, the outfit established after the success of the indie fave Minecraft, has revealed that the Xbox 360 version of its smash-hit will be playable at MineCon 2011.

Minecraft MineCon tickets now on sale at $99

Got $99 and a love of all things Minecraft? Tickets for the official 2011 MineCon are now on sale, and a little more has been revealed of what exactly will be going on there in Las Vegas this November.

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