MineCon Earth 2018 Returns This Fall With Cosplay and Community-Themed Events

Hang out with other block-loving friends at the annual event. 


Big Minecraft fan? Ready to celebrate your love for one of the most popular games on the market? You'll want to head out to this year's MineCon Earth 2018, which is returning for another year. Specifically, you'll be able to join a throng of other Minecraft fans online to convene about how awesome the game is on September 29, later this fall.

Yes, MineCon Earth 2018 is a digital event, the second year in a row where attendees can get together online and watch an interactive 90-minute livestream, complete with a pre- and post-show. Unfortunately, aside from the official show announcement, there isn't a whole lot of information floating around online about what exactly to expect from the show other than a handful of interesting activities.

There will, however, be community and cosplay-focused events during the stream, with some participants invited to go live and show off their best Minecraft cosplay. Some will even be asked to act as presenters on panels that showcase the coolest parts of the community.

If you're interested in checking out MineCon Earth 2018, you can head over to the official site for all the details on what's coming up. You might want to sharpen your best diamond pickaxe before the event gets underway. 

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