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Girl Fight brings fighting girls to PS3 today, XBLA tomorrow

Publishers are usually quite keen to draw attention to their new releases but Microprose has, for reasons I cannot imagine, been quite quiet about Girl Fight. Surprise! The video game about jiggly ladies in sexy costumes fighting each other is out later today on PlayStation 3 for $9.99, and will land on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow.

Girl Fight trailer shows girls fighting

If you'd feel a little silly playing a video game that is ostensibly about sexy girls in sexy costumes fighting each other, relax: Girl Fight all goes down in virtual reality as an evil corporation experiments upon abducted women. Look, come watch the new trailer and you'll soon realise you'd be perfectly comfortable playing it in the company of other adults (it is rated Mature 17+, after all).

Darklands spreads onto GOG

Vintage MicroProse RPG Darklands arrived on GOG today at the friendly price of $5.99. It's one of the games some speak about in reverent tones, while many more simply ask "What?" but now we can all see what the fuss is about.

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