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Hawken update adds co-op team deathmatch

Adhesive Games has deployed the April Update for its mech-based shooter, Hawken. The latest patch offers some adjustments to the game's economy, pilot progression, and some balance tweaks for the various fighting machines, but it also tosses in a new game mode: co-op team deathmatch.

Hawken crashes onto Steam Early Access

The free-to-play Hawken has arrived on Steam Early Access and current players have been given Steam keys to make the transition easier. If you're looking to jump into the game for the first time, it's not going to be so much free-to-play for you.

Hawken adds co-op survival mode

Shooting people, we're to understand, is wrong, yet shooting AIs is somehow fine. If that's in line with your monstrous morals, mechtastic free-to-play FPS Hawken has now added a co-op mode. You and your chums team up in Bot Destruction to murder waves of AI drones, mechs, and boss bots whose only crime is wanting to live.

Hawken medic mech class stomps out today

You call yourself a mech fan yet what do you do when you clamber up inside your robosuit? You blast other mechs to pieces! You monster. No, the true appreciator dedicates themself to maintaining and restoring mechs as they stomp around. For these noble people, free-to-play mech FPS Hawken today introduces a medic class of mech, the Technician, in a new patch.

Hawken dev details the challenges of virtual reality

After it was revealed that Doom 3: BFG would not be shipping with the Oculus Rift, another game had to step forward to be the pack in for the VR goggles once they shipped to retail. Adhesive Games' Hawken accepted the challenge.

Hawken trailer demonstrates PhysX shinies

The physics acceleration revolution may have failed long ago, but Nvidia's keeping the dream alive for romantics by cramming its PhysX tech into games whenever it can. A new Hawken trailer shows the fancy particle effects PhysX enables in the free-to-play stompy mech shooter, much the same as any other PhysX game: a big confusing mass of particles which look out of place.

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